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Mark has obtained favorable results for his clients in a wide variety of civil litigation cases. He successfully defended a major university in a sexual discrimination class action case. In another case, our firm was retained by a statewide judges association to contest a law which negatively impacted judicial pensions. Mark represented the judges in circuit court and in the Illinois Supreme Court and successfully obtained a judgment invalidating the law. Another case successfully handled by Mark involved a general contractor in a construction case. He was successful in winning a counterclaim against a sub-contractor on behalf of the general contractor. Mark also successfully represented trade associations for financial institutions in Illinois in a lawsuit challenging fund sweeps by the Governor and other state officials.

Mark has filed an amicus brief on behalf of several insurance trade associations. Mark contributed his unique knowledge of the insurance industry and, specifically, insurance contract construction, and helped to focus the brief on crucial, yet subtle aspects of insurance coverage. In the end, the final ruling of the Court indicated that the Mark and his team were successful in convincing the Court of the point of view of our clients.

Mark also pursues and defends appeals of his own circuit court cases in the Appellate Court. These range from slip and fall cases to matters of statutory construction before the Illinois Supreme Court.

The following is a small sample of other representative cases:

  • Represented a major pharmaceutical benefits management company in a challenge to an award of a multi-billion dollar state procurement contract
  • Represented a health insurance company in a challenge to an award of a health insurance state procurement contract
  • Represented a doctor in a case alleging anti-trust violations
  • Successfully defended a university in a challenge by a university professor of his termination
  • Successfully represented an insurance company in an insurance coverage dispute involving a snowmobile accident
  • Represented a client who filed a protest review of the award of a private manager contract involving a contract with the State of Illinois
  • Successfully represented a construction company in a tort action involving the theory of respondeat superior for the negligent actions of an employee and a claim that the covenant not to sue signed by an employee released the construction company from liability

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