Government Relations

Administrative Hearings

Our firm represents clients in proceedings involving state agencies under the Administrative Procedure Act, including promulgation of administrative rules and bid protests. The firm also litigates state and federal constitutional challenges to legislation and administrative agency action. Our attorneys have represented clients before most of Illinois’ administrative agencies.

Election Law

Giffin, Winning, Cohen & Bodewes, P.C. has long been involved in both the state and municipal electoral processes in Illinois. Many of our current and former attorneys are themselves elected officials, and one of our attorneys even serves as a hearing officer for the State Board of Elections as well as a municipal hearing officer for the City of Springfield. This depth of knowledge allows us to provide a high caliber of counsel and representation to candidates and political organizations during both periodic redistricting and state and local elections.

Seeking and maintaining a government office position can be challenging. The political process is heavily regulated. Virtually every action taken to engage the democratic process is open to scrutiny, if not legal regulation. Our attorneys are available to coach new campaign candidates and current office holders through the campaign process.

Due to our varied experiences, our election law attorneys are equipped to assist politically active citizens and organizations in complying with the tremendous number of laws and regulations restricting political activity in Illinois. We are knowledgeable in election law and in the different rules of state and federal campaigns. We assist clients with completing the necessary documents to become a candidate, help ensure that they meet applicable deadlines, and guide them through the process of completing necessary reports. In addition, we ensure that clients comply with the applicable state and federal campaign laws that determine the amount and source of financing an individual is able to utilize for the campaign. If you are campaigning for an elected office or currently hold a governmental position, our attorneys offer experienced representation.

We represent and advise campaigns and candidates on the many areas of law that have an impact on their activities on a daily basis. Those areas can include the beginning of campaign formation up to Election Day and the following recounts and election contests. Campaigns, like small businesses, run into issues in almost every area of law. The particular issues of contract law, real estate law, and sometimes even copyright law may need to be dealt with in order to run an efficient campaign. Besides facing regulations like a small businesses, campaigns must also comply with campaign finance and election laws. In serving our campaign and candidate clients, our collective knowledge of diverse substantive legal issues make us well equipped to address the variety of issues that may arise during the campaign season.

Contact a law firm that has been trusted by political candidates throughout Illinois for over 100 years. Our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys have represented candidates, committees, and political parties throughout Springfield and the Central Illinois area for more than 100 years. Contact Giffin, Winning, Cohen & Bodewes, P.C. by calling our office at 217.525.1571 to schedule a consultation with an experienced election law lawyer.

Government Contracts/Procurement

The appearance of propriety is a major issue when awarding government contracts. As such, the public sector bidding process is substantially more complex than its private sector counterpart. Our attorneys have assisted contractors of all sizes in pursuing contract awards from various state and local entities in the Springfield, Illinois area and have protested contract awards on behalf of clients through both the administrative and litigation process.

The State of Illinois spends millions upon millions of dollars on products and services every year. Government contractors can quickly become ensnared in a thicket of regulatory and legislative requirements. Our attorneys work with clients at every stage of the government contracting process – from assistance with proposals through contract negotiation and performance to contract close out. Drawing upon our substantial litigation practice, we have successfully litigated bid protest matters and claims against the government, and we have successfully defended successful bidders against bid protests.

The firm has represented trade associations in procurement related agency rulemaking proceedings and has filed amicus curiae briefs for trade associations. The firms’ clients include large publicly owned companies and small businesses, U.S. and foreign contractors and subcontractors, manufacturers, professional services contractors, other service contractors, trade associations and non-profit advocacy groups.

Our services include:


  • Bid mistakes
  • Bid protests
  • Construction contracts
  • Contracting procedures
  • Contracting requirements
  • Sealed bids
  • Suspension and debarment proceedings


  • Change orders
  • Contract clauses
  • Default and breach
  • Labor laws
  • Terminations



As regulation and legislation increases, maintaining good governmental relations has never been more important for businesses, trade groups, and other organizations. With years of experience advising and representing elected officials, municipalities, and government agencies throughout Illinois in various capacities, the attorneys of Giffin, Winning, Cohen & Bodewes, P.C. are uniquely poised to provide the types of assistance business, political, and trade organizations need. Our lawyers include several registered lobbyists and have advocated on behalf of numerous clients and causes during legislative session, administrative rulemaking and other government proceedings. Through our lobbying and election law practice, we have helped shape public policy in Illinois on issues as diverse as alcoholic beverage regulation, pharmaceuticals, insurance regulation, and unclaimed property.

Since 1911, we have developed and nurtured the personal relationships and expertise necessary to analyze, draft, influence and promote legislation and regulations before Illinois’ Governor, Senate, General Assembly, state-wide elected office holders, and state agencies. Giffin Winning provides our clients with uniquely competitive environments through our comprehensive approach to legislative services. Our efforts include the provision of lobbying, legislative, and legal counsel services that have positioned our clients for legislative successes. We work with our clients to analyze difficult issues, develop and then implement proactive strategies to obtain favorable results on their behalf.

After more than 100 years serving the Springfield and Central Illinois area and with a lengthy and continuous presence in the halls of the state capitol, our firm has amassed the experience and relationships necessary to get results on legislative and public policy issues. Giffin Winning offers our clients years of lobbying experience, our unqualified dedication, and our commitment to the highest levels of integrity and service.

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