Administrative and Regulatory Law

Administrative and Regulatory Law

At Giffin Winning Cohen and Bodewes, P.C., we are in close proximity to the Capitol of Illinois and its state offices. This enables us to remain ahead of the trends and developments that could affect the business of our clients and to speak on their behalf to state decision-makers.

We serve clients on all matters of complexities regarding state and federal regulations. We assist clients in remaining compliant with regulatory law and proceedings involving:

Election law.

Giffin’s attorneys have been trusted by political candidates in Illinois for more than 100 years. Our depth of knowledge in both state and municipal electoral processes in Illinois allows us to offer valuable counsel and representation to candidates and political organizations.


The public sector bidding process is substantially more complicated than its private sector counterpart due to regulatory requirements. We assist contractors of all size in pursuing contract awards from various state and local entities, and we advise through every stage of the government contracting process, from awards to performance to disputes.

Our attorneys also represent clients before regulatory boards, investigations, and administrative processes pertaining to:

Administrative and Regulatory Law Attorneys