Govt. Relations and Advocacy/Lobbying

Government Relations and Advocacy/Lobbying

Maintaining positive governmental relations has never been more integral for businesses, trade groups, and organizations.

Standing on years of experience advising and representing elected officials, municipalities, and government agencies throughout Illinois, our attorney team at Giffin, Winning, Cohen & Bodewes, P.C. delivers results with integrity regarding legislative and public policy issues.

Through our lobbying and government law practice, we have spent decades helping to shape public policy in Illinois on diverse issues. We have advocated on behalf of clients and causes during legislative session, administrative rule-making, and other government proceedings.

Giffin Winning provides a comprehensive approach to lobbying, legislative, and legal counsel services, including:

  • Department and Agency Advocacy
  • Executive Advocacy
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Municipal Law

Govt. Relations and Advocacy/Lobbying Attorneys